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Our mission is to provide a balanced genetic package in all essential traits. For over 30 years, our emphasis has been on the cow, believing it takes a great cow to raise a great bull. Our cow herd must provide excellence in mothering ability, udder structure, athletic phenotype and quality carcass analysis without compromise.
We ensure that the bulls we raise and sell into both purebred and commercial herds are balanced in their phenotype with lots of growth, maternal performance and carcass. Our goal is to provide genetics that can multi-task.
We are committed to producing Hereford cattle that provide Balanced Genetics Without Compromise
-Bernie and Stacie Buzanowski


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Snowshoe 719T Katie Y27

Dam of one of the top 5 bulls in the Breed for Carcass!
2015 WY Preview Show Champion Cow Calf Pair
2015 Montana Jr Beef Expo Champion Cow Calf Pair
2015 Montana Fair AOB Champion Cow Calf Pair
2015 Montana Fair Reserve Supreme Female
Snowshoe X51 Bannack Y27 19C   2015 Montana Fair Reserve Supreme Bull

Son: Snowshoe X51 Bannack Y27 19C

Katie Y27 has been noteworthy from the moment she hit the ground.  She has exhibited added volume and length of hip in an easy fleshing, great uddered package.  She is sound footed with both precision and fluid movement in her step.  It is hard to say which strikes you first upon viewing her: her wide table top or her expansive middle.  Both features only add to her total feminine maternal package.  She has been earning honors both in the show ring and in the pasture.  As a calf she earned Champion Female at the Northern International Livestock Expo (NILE) and was awarded the opportunity to appear in the Supreme Beef Challenge at Agribition.  She and her dam were also named Champion Cow Calf multiple times including the NILE.  Her trips out as a bred heifer were equally rewarding.  Now, as a mature cow she has continued to “Wow” us with her ability to produce outstanding calves.  She demonstrated this best at the JNHE this summer earning Reserve Champion Standard Cow Calf with her X51 sired bull calf at side.  She passes along her shape and design to her calves in a powerful and eye appealing package.   She will have a tremendous impact on the future of our program. 
Owned with Gary Wall, Billings, MT

Snowshoe P606 Peony T10
CALVED: Jan 29, 2007

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Daughter of T10 Snowshoe 719T Katie Y27
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T10 has been proving to be one of the most powerful females in our program. With a weaning ratio of 121.5 and a yearling ratio of 105.5, she is proving herself to be a very consistent producer. Her Tundra daughter was the high selling female in our 2010 Elite Internet Heifer Sale going to Klee Walker of TX. She with her 719T daughter at side has been awarded 2011 Champion Cow-Calf pair at Montana State Fair–Great Falls, Montana Fair–Billings, and Wyoming State Fair. She has maintained a 351 day calving interval on 4 calves.

Pasture Photo
Snowshoe P606 Serena T44 ET
CALVED: Mar 12, 2007

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36Z - Son of T44
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T44 is out of another donor female in our program, DRF Selena S133 K6 (photo below). She offers lots of volume in a sound dynamic package. She passes these qualities to her offspring with predictable consistency. Her first calf, a Spud daughter, was named Supreme Champion Female at the 2010 Montana State Fair. She and her maternal sister have both been retained in our herd. The most recent calf produced by T44 was a key member of our 2013 Denver pen. Snowshoe 31U Rogue T44 36Z has displayed outstanding performance both in growth and carcass. He has a weaning ratio of 111, a yearling ratio of 110, our largest Rib Eye Area scan with 15.88 in, and an IMF ratio of 115.
Embryos available by TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U.

DRF Selena S133 K6
CALVED: Mar. 25, 2000

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Grand daughter, W11
Supreme Champion Female - Montana State Fair
Her sire, Headline S133 is a maternal legacy in the breed. K6 has proven that she can produce both outstanding sons & daughters, one of which, T44 is pictured above. She is broody and massive, yet feminine. She offers a solid sound foot that can cover the rugged summer pastures, and produce the kind of sons that will work in tough country. Her granddaughter by Spud is the 2010 Supreme Champion Female at the Montana State Fair.

BSB 28E Lolita L3
CALVED: Feb. 25, 2001

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The Dam of Spud, L3 demonstrates the characteristics for which we have been picky. The ability to forage in tough conditions, sound structure to get her there, level problem free udder in a high capacity, feminine package.



Snowshoe X51 Bannack Y27 19C

Bannack represents six highly maternal generations bred in our program. He has earned Trait Leader recognition for Weaning Wt, Yearling Wt, Sustained Cow Fertility, All of the Carcass Traits, and All of the Indexes. His offspring are performing well, proving his calving ease, maternal and carcass merit. His first daughters have come into production and are doing an excellent job. They are broody, have sound, level udders and are raising herd bull and replacement female quality calves.

Homozygous Polled Fully Pigmented

Act. BW 72 Adj. 205 946 Adj. 365 1439 SC 36 cm
Ultrasound Data: REA 18.02 in IMF% 4.39 Fat 0.29 in

Bannack continues to provide Balance in all areas, without Compromise.

Son: Snowshoe 19C Outlaw U59 101F

Dam: Snowshoe 719T Katie T10 Y27

Grand dam: Snowshoe P606 Peony T10


JDH 21Z Victor 33Z 40E ET
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Dam: JDH Ms Durango 4037 21Z

We selected 40E and his full sister from the Delaney Hereford herd. An impressive son of 33Z, he is a combination package for calving ease, cow making and growth. He has been highly reliable on heifers regarding calving ease, while still providing excellent growth. Vic delivers added length of body and hip, while maintaining ample depth of rib. He has given us both marketable bulls and replacement quality females. His first daughters went into production in 2021 and have done a great job. They display nice, level udders with small teats, plenty of volume and excellent mothering ability.

Owned with Will & Mandy Schaub, WMS Ranch

TH 49B 358C Drover 134F

Dam: TH 403A 475Z PIONEER 358C ET


His first calf crop has been low birth weight with very good growth. We have used him successfully on heifers and are continuing to do so. He is wide based with natural thickness and excellent pigment and is passing this along to his offspring. We are eagerly awaiting his second calf crop and looking forward to his influence in our program.

Snowshoe 42Z Mystic
Y22 C76

Snowshoe 31U Tuff 31S 42Z
This young sire has drawn our attention every time we viewed him in the pasture with his dam. As our Lead-off bull in our Denver Pen, he carries extra thickness down his top and through his lower quarter. He offers genuine red meat, carrying only a 0.17 inch backfat with a 14.28 Rib Eye Area. He is correct and wide based, smooth shouldered and smooth polled. He has given us the performance we sought in a very tough year of drought and heat. His dam, 31S has earned Dam of Distinction honors for good reason. She has a weaning ratio of 114.6 on 5 calves and a yearling ratio of 108.5. At seven years of age she is in the prime of her production and her udder is the same: level, square made, well placed and ideal sized teats. She produced the dam of the Champion Carcass Steer/Class Winner for Lauren Prill at the 2012 JNHE. Her offspring have consistently been at the top of their calf crop. With all of this in mind, TUFF will be playing a very instrumental role in the future of our program. His first calves are very exciting!
His first calves have been exciting.

TUFF at 1 year of age SIRE: KCL 59M Joomla 65K 31U

Snowshoe 42Z Ruffneck Y20 22B
"Son of Tuff”
DAM OF SIRE: KCL 8006 Bonissa 65K
Snowshoe 42Z Fiona Y14 B25 - daughter of Tuff

WLB Mr Canada 10Z 15B
Click here for pedigree and epds

Dam: Remitall Graves Juno 204S

Mr Canada was of particular interest to us since we had the privilege of owning his grandsire, Lego.  We have Lego daughters in production that are broody, productive and have beautiful udders.  The sons have been high volume, thick and well received.  Mr Canada combines all of this with a bit more performance and a power dam – the Juno 204S cow.  Our first calves have impressed us with their performance and their style.  The heifers are growthy, broody and easy on the eyes.  The sons are impressive with their size, performance and phenotype.  We will offer the first sons in our 2019 Bull Selection Day and anticipate they will be well received.

Snowshoe 719T Paterno 23Y
CALVED: February 22, 2011

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Snowshoe P606 Peony T10 ET –
Flush mate to the dam of 23Y

Paterno was a member of our 2012 Denver pen. He combines the low birth weight and calving ease of 719T with the maternal performance and power of his dam, Snowshoe P606 Pilar U09 ET. Pilar U09 boasts a weaning ratio of 108.5 and a yearling ratio of 113. Paterno offers a balanced package with an impressive EPD spread.

WLB Lego 83T 90X
CALVED: February 12, 2010

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Daughter:  Snowshoe 90X SelenaU06 B05
Lego is now walking the pastures at Snowshoe Cattle Co.  He is an exciting addition to our program.  As a trait leader for low birth weight and calving ease, plus REA, Lego is complementing our program well.  He is Homozygous Polled.  We will be calving our first daughters by him this spring.

Snowshoe R117 Ribeye T41 6Z

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This Rib Eye son is quickly becoming an integral part of our program. We used him on our heifers and calved out his first offspring this year. The calves came easy yet thrifty and are growing out nicely. We felt so strongly about him that we have used him more extensively this year. His dam is out of one of our foundation cow families and is very correct with plenty of volume and a faultless udder. 6Z was purchased in our 2013 Bull Selection Day by Bill Kuehn and now resides in Nebraska. Two 6Z sons topped our 2015 Bull Selection Day.  We are eagerly awaiting his first daughters in production Spring 2016.

24B - Son of 6Z

46B - Son of 6Z

Snowshoe 20N Spud 64R
CALVED: Sep. 03, 2005

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Click here for pedigree and epds

$25/ straw $60/cert.
Exportable semen available.
Spud - our “Meat & Potatoes” bull demonstrates an incredible amount of mass in a moderate, calving ease package. His sons are the first pick among our bull buyers, displaying excellent carcass with a maternal combination. His sons averaged 14.9 for REA and 1.35 for their REA per CWT ratio. Spud will add thickness and volume, top and rib dimension. Spud’s daughters are feminine with ample thickness and performing both in the pasture and in the ring. One daughter, W11 was named 2010 Supreme Champion Female at the Montana State Fair in Great Falls. Another daughter was named 2010 Reserve Supreme Champion Female at the MontanaFair in Billings. Deceased - Ranked in the top 1% of the breed for REA and in the top 10% for both BMI and CHB indexes. Now a trait leader for Fat with an EPD of -0.035 and for REA with an EPD of +0.97

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