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Our mission is to provide a balanced genetic package in all essential traits. For over 30 years, our emphasis has been on the cow, believing it takes a great cow to raise a great bull. Our cow herd must provide excellence in mothering ability, udder structure, athletic phenotype and quality carcass analysis without compromise.
We ensure that the bulls we raise and sell into both purebred and commercial herds are balanced in their phenotype with lots of growth, maternal performance and carcass. Our goal is to provide genetics that can multi-task.
We are committed to producing Hereford and Red Angus cattle that provide Balanced Genetics Without Compromise
-Bernie, Stacie and Rachael Buzanowski


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TH 49B 358C Drover 134F

Req. # 43920092 | DOB: 1/23/2018

Drover has served us well for several years, giving us excellent replacement females and numerous sons that have sold in our annual bull sale. However, with his daughters now back in our herd, it is time for Drover to find a new one. This outstanding herd sire still has a few good breeding seasons to go and would be an excellent addition to anyone’s herd. Visit our sire page for more information on Drover and examples of the progeny he has given us. 1/2 Interest and full possession available.

Here at Snowshoe we have focused on cow families since we first got into the seedstock business. In fact, most of our cowherd traces back to only a handful of cows that we used to form our herd. Below is an example of some of our top cow families as they exist today. We put a great deal of effort into maintaining a cow herd that consists of functional cows that will hold up in the real world and provide a consistent calf crop. We believe these cow families further that goal and live up to our motto of Balance Without Compromise.

The "Katie" Cow Family


Snowshoe P606 Peony T10 - “Katie”

The Katie family is one of several that came from our most influential female, 3F, “Vickie,” who was bred by Bernie and Stacie in 1996. The T10 cow is the matriarch of this line which is known to produce sons and daughters that have a great deal of muscle and mass, but in a very eye appealing package. The Y27 cow and her son Bannack earned the honor of Reserve Champion owned pair at Junior Nationals in 2015. Bannack went on to be a solid herd sire for us, leaving behind sons and daughters with exceptional carcass merit, including Outlaw who is featured in our Reference Sires. In addition, other Katie daughters have done exceptionally well, producing sale standouts and good replacement females.

The "Selena" Cow Family


DRF Selena S133 K6

The Selena family started with the purchase of the K6 cow in 2005, bred by Horner family at Deep Run Farm. The maternal influence that cow has left on our herd is very noticeable as you look through our sale catalogs on any given year. The Selena (or Serena) name shows up on countless pages. This cow family has been consistently good uddered and full of longevity. Our Ruffneck bull featured in the Reference Sires is out of a cow in this family and he is a prime example that this cow family not only produces front pasture kind of replacement females, but herd bull quality sons as well.

The "Tori" Cow Family


Dirt Road Tori U8 12J

We purchased the original Tori 12J cow from Dirt Road Farms in 2002. Since that time this cow family has seen donor cows, herd sires, and replacement females. One notable member of this family is our late herd sire Tuff, sire of Ruffneck, who was out of a family favorite, 31S. This bull produced sons with a great deal of raw muscle and daughters with just the right amount of refinement. The females in the Tori family have primarily been moderate, big bodied females, with good feet and legs, and top quality udders.

The "Breeze" Cow Family


Snowshoe 417L Breeze T24

The Breeze family is another one that can be traced back to the old matriarch Vickie. The T24 cow heads up this family; she produced nothing but heifers for much of her long life and nearly all of those daughters were put back into the herd. This cow family offers capacity, soundness, and good udders. You will see thick, masculine sons out of these females each year in our bull sale and several daughters have seen success in the show ring, which just shows the quality that comes from this line.

The "Lady" Cow Family

Churchill Lady 9115

Churchill Lady 9115

Churchill Lady 9115 is the matriarch of this line, purchased from Churchill Cattle Co. in 2002. The Lady family has produced show heifers, herd sires, and replacement females, with the udders improving in each generation. Today the Lady family is better than ever and continues to uphold the goals held here at Snowshoe, producing well balanced cattle that put replacement females back into our herd and solid range ready bulls into the herds of our commercial customers.

The "Mystic" Cow Family

The Mystic cow family stems from the purchase of several pregnant recips carrying embryos out of RPH Miss Manip 6023 and a daughter of 6023 from the dispersal of the Ray Reichman herd in Manhattan, MT in 2004. The pregnant recips were all carrying calves sired by the great PW Victor Boomer P606, one of our all-time favorite sires. From those pregnancies came seven daughters that formed the foundation of the “Mystic” cow family. This family consists of refined females that consistently produce top quality sons and daughters that have done well in our herd and the herds of our customers.

Here is the current sire lineup of the bulls we own that are making an impact on our program. We believe in using our own genetics, if they are good enough for our customers then they should be good enough for us too, so you will see that several of these sires have a Snowshoe prefix. However, we also source herd sires from other reputable breeders who breed cattle that fit our program. Semen is available on most of these sires, so please call us about how you can get these balanced genetics into your program.

Snowshoe Bottom Line F03 26J

Snowshoe Bottom Line F03 26J

Reg. #44301495 | DOB: 2/15/21

26J was the high-selling bull in our 2022 Annual Bull Sale. We kept spring possession on 26J that year and his first sons are being offered in the 2024 sale. These sons are proving to display the same traits as 26J himself; they are thick and good footed with a solid data to back them up. 26J’s Dam is a Dam of Distinction in our herd with a great udder. The 26J daughters are developing well and are some of our best replacement heifers, we look forward to seeing them in production and are sure they will be as good of cows as 26J’s mom. 26J himself had an 80lb birthweight, an adjusted 205 day weight of 607lbs, and an adjusted yearling weight of 1225. His carcass ultrasound results were just as impressive: 15.41 REA, REA/WT 1.4, Marb 4.30, Fat 0.35 in.

Semen: Please call to inquire about semen availability.

Owned with Aden Family Farms, IL

Snowshoe 42Z Ruffneck F62 153J

Snowshoe 42Z Ruffneck F62 153J

Reg. #44374129 | DOB: 9/3/21
Homozygous Polled

Ruffneck is a bull that we are extremely excited to be putting back into our program. This bull resembles the wedding of two of our most powerful cow families – the Tori Family and the Selena Family – and we are proud that his pedigree is stacked with Snowshoe prefixes on both the top and bottom side. Ruffneck’s mother has a near perfect udder, just like her mother and grandmother. This bull also has a great deal of red meat and checks a lot of boxes. His first calves are hitting the ground spring 2024 and we expect big things from them. Please call to inquire about semen availability

CSC 701 Bolder 901

CSC 701 Bolder 901

Reg. #44030061 | DOB: 2/20/2019
Homozygous Polled

Bolder is the latest addition to our herd sire lineup. We purchased him in CSC Livestock’s 2023 internet sale because of the mass and thickness he displays and the outstanding cow power that is behind him. Bolder’s mother has an exceptional udder and we look forward to having cows like her around. First Bolder calves at Snowshoe hitting the ground Fall 2024! Owned with CSC Livestock, WY; Pelton Polled Herefords, ND; and Semex Beef Semen available through Semex Beef.

H Amplify 2242 ET

H Amplify 2242 ET

Reg. #44369844 | DOB: 3/11/22

We purchased Amplify in the spring of 2023 because we loved the look of his mother; she is the kind of cow we need more of. We have also used Entice and related bloodlines, so Amplify fit with the direction our program is going. Look for this bull to add bone and length in his calves in the future!

Semen: $25/straw; $75/cert.

TH 49B 358C Drover 134F

TH 49B 358C Drover 134F TH 49B 358C Drover 134F

Reg. #43920092 | DOB: 3/11/22

We purchased Drover from Topp Herefords in 2019 because he offered a great deal of balance, he was thick, wide based, and good numbered; he also had excellent pigmentation. All of these things are still true about Drover and these traits have carried through to his calves. Drover is a low birthweight sire and a trait-leader for Calving Ease. We have used him on heifers with great success, but he is certainly not limited to being only a heifer bull. The Drover offspring have been well received by our customers, both sons and daughters. The daughters have also proved to be top-quality cows with beautiful udders.

FOR SALE: Selling 1/2 interest and full possession

Semen: $25/straw; $75/cert.

Snowshoe 19C Outlaw U59 101F

Snowshoe 19C Outlaw U59 101F

Reg. #43959074 | DOB: 4/30/2018

Outlaw was a Bannack son who we retained for use in our herd. He was a long bodied, masculine bull who possessed great carcass traits. Much like his sire Bannack, Outlaw is a trait leader for Carcass Weight, REA, Marb, BMI, BII, and CHB. The Outlaw sons have proved these carcass EPDs to be true in their ultrasound results and they have gone on to make an impact in many commercial herds. In addition to the carcass traits, Outlaw has also produced some very stylish daughters that have been featured in our past sales and others that are in production in our herd.

Semen not available.

Our daughter Rachael added her own cows to the ranch in 2020. She purchased a group of females from Ludvigson Stock Farms in Montana and has been improving those cows ever since. Because we have only been in the Red Angus business a few years we have not had a chance to develop our own cow families like we have the Herefords, but the cows featured below are a small sampling of the quality that this herd already has to offer. We hold these Red Angus females to the same high standards as the Herefords, seeking Balance Without Compromise. In addition, we have been sourcing top quality sires from various programs around the U.S. and Canada to help build this program. Below you will also see the herd sire we have added to the lineup here at Snowshoe, a red bull who promises to take this program in the right direction.

Cow Herd

E7517 and Heifer Calf

LSF SRR Luckychar 1011 E7517 and 2023 Township Heifer Calf

LSF SRR Crystal F8534

LSF SRR Crystal F8534

LSF SRR Minola Y1039 E7108

LSF SRR Minola Y1039 E7108

LSF SRR Joan B4303 E7098

LSF SRR Joan B4303 E7098

LSF SRR Dina C5046 E7003

LSF SRR Dina C5046 E7003

RREDS MR Roll On 229F

Snowshoe 19C Outlaw U59 101F

Reg. #4642703 | DOB: 2/23/22

We purchased Roll On from the Rhodes Red Angus sale in 2023. At the time he was a powerhouse bull who was impressive on the move. As he has grown up and matured these characteristics have not gone away. Roll On also offers a balanced set of EPDs and actual numbers, being low birthweight, but high growth and solid across the board on both carcass and maternal. The first Roll On calves are hitting the ground this spring, 2024, and they are not disappointing! They are already taking off and keeping up with our other calves sired by some of the top AI sires in the breed. These calves will be exciting to watch and this young herd sire surely has a bright future ahead of him.

Owned with York Creek Red Angus, NE; Rhodes Red Angus Ranch, SD; and McCormick Reds, MN.

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